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Sabah Choudrey (they/them/theirs) joined us to chat about their work supporting trans youth, particularly trans people of colour. We also spoke about their upcoming book ‘Supporting Trans People of Colour: How To Make Your Practice Inclusive’ which is available to pre-order now. 

Hosts: Dr Annabel Sowemimo and Edem Ntumy Editor: Veronique Belinga

Project Manager: Naz Toorabally

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“When I was young, when I was about 15/16, I was very much pro life. I was like, no. Irony is it’s called pro life, but then I got my life back after my abortion so which is it?” – Participant from Decolonising Contraception’s Abortion Experiences focus group

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Pre-order ‘Supporting Trans People of Colour: How to Make Your Practice Inclusive’: https://uk.bookshop.org/books/supporting-trans-people-of-colour-how-to-make-your-practic e-inclusive/9781787750593

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