Safe Space Policy


Decolonising Contraception is based on the  principles outlined in our sexfesto. As part of our working we aim to create environments where our collective and others feel secure and respected.  To ensure that our events meet our standards we like all our members and event attendees to abide by the following principles and use this to guide their behaviour.
Behaviour that falls short of these principles will be challenged and may lead to you being ejected from the event on the day. 
Our events at times involve discussing topics that may be difficult for some participants and you should be mindful that they may have experiences that cause or have the potential to cause emotional distress (triggering) e.g sexual assault. It is vital that nobody feels pressured to share a particular experience. 
To set the foundations for a safe learning and organising environment please abide by the following: 
1. Respect how a person identifies and check their pronouns on their name badge. If you make an error then accept the correction gracefully. 
2. Consent is a must. Please ask someone before you touch a person or enter their personal space.  
3. Taking up space. Please be aware of taking up too much space or time in a discussion particularly, if you are not the target demographic for that specific workshop/event. Do not interrupt or speak over people. Whilst you may have something valuable to contribute it is best when discussions are shared.  
4. Jargon. Occasionally we may use health or activism terminology that others are not familiar with. We have not all had the same education so, please be respectful and provide people with an adequate explanation when asked. 
We have a duty to listen to those informing us that they feel harmed by a particular action and to undergo a process of self-reflection to address any harm caused. We all acknowledge that we must continue to educate and learn from our actions. 
In solidarity, 
Decolonising Contraception Collective