Our Manifesto

We are Decolonising Contraception a community based organisation created by black & people of colour (BPOC)* working within Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH).

1. We believe that Sexual & Reproductive health (SRH) is a fundamental human right & we believe in equal access for all people irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, disability, class or creed. 
2. We believe that SRH hasn’t addressed its colonial origins – its practice is derived from racial hierarchies and continues to operate based on a desire for population control. This in part contributes to health inequalities experienced by those experiencing racism.
3. We believe in full access to reproductive health this includes access to safe abortion services. Whilst some individuals may not choose this themselves, they support the campaign for an individuals right to choose and the provision for safe abortion care for others. 
4. We are devoted to challenging dominant narratives and creating a safe space in which BPOC communities can discuss freely. 
5. We are committed to changing the narrative that BPOC are difficult to reach; we ask instead where the gaps in knowledge are, what type of interventions will address them and work with communities to create culturally specific interventions with regards to SRH care. 
6. We welcome research that examines the needs of BPOC and encourages work that draws on decolonial methodologies; work that is created by individuals with strong community ties.  
7. We welcome new approaches in SRH which are derived from communities and grass root organisations led by BPOC.      
8. We welcome the support of allies that agree with our manifesto and wish to work with us to achieve our aim. 
*We organise as black & people of colour but acknowledge this encompasses a wide range of identities that require different targeted approaches to SRH. Within our organisation, we must continuously challenge other forms of prejudice amongst people of colour such as anti-blackness, colourism, anti-semitism, islamophobia, classism, diableism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism.   
In solidarity, 
Decolonising Contraception Collective