About Us

About Us

Our team is interdisciplinary from sex educators, doctors, campaigners, journalists, researchers and many others. We are keen to share our ethos and educate others. Please do read our Manifesto and get in touch if you wish to collaborate. 


Decolonisation is seeking to understand the effects of colonisation on how we understand and navigate the world. This means addressing the additional barriers some groups face to accessing health services & addressing the idea that some groups have more reproductive rights than others. 

Yes, you can attend most of our events. Some of our events may be more focused on specific groups such as asylum seekers, unwaged people etc. 

If an event is aimed at a specific group then it will state that it is a ‘safe space’ event. Safe spaces are integral to us meeting our aims & objectives so that people can speak freely about the barriers that they face. It allows more time to tackling these barriers rather than explaining the issue to others – we have separate events aimed at this.  

No, we address a range of issues across sexual and reproductive health. We started with contraception as it is associated with a strong history of eugenics and fears surrounding population control. However, we discuss a variety of sexual health, relationship and well-being problems.

Sadly not all are free but mostly. However, if you can’t afford a ticket please email us as we always reserve a few tickets for unwaged people or those experiencing financial hardship.